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Recetas para la Salud, la Sostenibilidad, y el Patrimonio

As part of the Sustainability, Health, Heritage European project, Abrazo House will be editing a book of recipes from several European countries (mainly Spain, the UK, Lithuania, and Greece, but we’re hoping to include some from elsewhere, too).  The idea is to promote each of these three core values by presenting traditional recipes from different cultures, adapted for a contemporary context, which use healthy ingredients and promote a more sustainable diet. In this blog post,… Leer más »Recetas para la Salud, la Sostenibilidad, y el Patrimonio

Pan perdido: Dos recetas de pan de bellotas

Eat like the ancestors: reclaiming your birthright For many thousands of years, wherever oaks grew, acorns (‘oak-corns’) were a staple food for people. Balanophagy, the eating of acorns, can be seen across a wide range of cultures since earliest prehistory.  Across northern Spain, where Abrazo House is based, large quantities of acorns have been found hoarded in Celtic hill-forts. Anyone who’s read an Asterix book knows that the Celts venerated the oak, but who knows… Leer más »Pan perdido: Dos recetas de pan de bellotas

Muro de fresas rápido y fácil

The stone retaining wall on the driveway leading up to Abrazo House was overgrown with tough matted grass and other weeds. With this quick, easy and almost free project we turned it into an edible “wall of strawberries”: Put down a layer of cardboard, hanging down from the top of the wall, as a mulch to kill the matted grass. (In time, the cardboard hanging down will be removed once it’s done its job of… Leer más »Muro de fresas rápido y fácil