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Quick and easy wall of strawberries

The stone retaining wall on the driveway leading up to Abrazo House was overgrown with tough matted grass and other weeds. With this quick, easy and almost free project we turned it into an edible “wall of strawberries”:

  • Put down a layer of cardboard, hanging down from the top of the wall, as a mulch to kill the matted grass. (In time, the cardboard hanging down will be removed once it’s done its job of killing the grass.)
  • Added some big logs (cut on site) on top to weigh it down and to define the shape of the bed. They will slowly break down into organic material, hugelkulture style.
  • Filled in the holes between the logs with home-made compost.
  • Spread straw on top to retain moisture.
  • Added a lot of strawberry plants that we had growing in some pots on the patio.
  • Filled in holes between the stones with more compost and planted runners from the strawberry plants in the compost.
  • Watered in really well

Now we just have to wait for the strawberries!