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Abrazo House

Who we are

The people who live and work at Abrazo House

Almudena Garrido

Almudena is co-founder of Abrazo House. She is a PhD and researcher in social anthropology; her thesis (University of Deusto, 2014) is on citizen participation and urban sustainability. She has 20 years’ experience in the organization and coordination of international projects and conferences in the fields of environment, health and well-being. She is a practising meditator and member of the Plum Village sangha. She is co-author of several books including Abrazo House: learning in nature (2016), Sostenibilidad, El futuro que nos espera (2013), and Forum for a Sustainable Zorrozaurre (2004, 2008).

Robert Alcock

Robert Alcock is an ecological designer, builder, and writer, and co-founder of Abrazo House, as well as being an activist with Extinction Rebellion. He has a PhD in Marine Ecology (University of Southampton, 2004). He is the author of two self-published books: Abrazo House, learning in nature (2016) and The Island that Never Was: An English castaway in Bilbao (2014), as well as numerous articles and poems. He is a practising meditator and member of the Plum Village sangha.

Eva Aparicio

Eva Aparicio is an acupuncturist, massage therapist, yoga teacher and beekeeper. Since 2020 she has been based at Abrazo House, where she keeps bees and runs a natural therapy clinic, Acupuntura Cantabria

Juana Ferriz

Juana Ferriz is a doula who accompanies women’s circles and other groups of personal growth. She is based at Abrazo House since 2020.

Thibaut Nercam

Thibaut is a qualified chiropractor and director of Centro Chiropráctico Castro.

Nando Garcia

Nando is “an experienced beginner in my 60’s, recovering from 33 years at the European Commission (my last job was Director Health and Well-being). Since my retirement, I have been working with the Spanish hub of the Transition Network and been very active with Deep Adaptation, where I contribute as a facilitator, guide and advocate. I see my role as that of a bridge between different worlds. I am at ease in a meeting with top Civil servants and in a circle around a fire in the woods. I feel a calling to raise the level of awareness about our predicament and provide emotional guide and support that inspire people to engage in life-sustaining roles. I do this using the Work that Reconnects (WTR), Authentic Relating and Death Cafes. My sources of inspiration cover a wide range including Joanna Macy, Satish Kumar, Bill Plotkin, David Abram, Carolyn Baker, Jem Bendell, Meredith Little, Jorge Riechmann…”