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Abrazo House


Volunteer opportunities at Abrazo House

Volunteering at Abrazo House

Would you like to learn about low-impact building and sustainable living? Do you like exercise, good company, fresh air, natural surroundings, peace and tranquility? Are willing to work hard in return for food and accommodation?
Since 2005, hundreds of people have come to Abrazo House to get their hands dirty and gain skills.
Volunteer opportunities are very limited. Please get in touch via email to register interest, and tell us a bit about yourself, your experience, and why you want to come. We’ll get back to you when there is an opening.

What will I be doing?

Volunteers are expected to come with a desire to learn and work, and to stay a minimum of one week. Preference is given to those who are willing to stay longer, if all goes well. In any case the first week is a trial period to make sure we all get on together.

Working hours and tasks depend on factors including the type of work that needs doing at a particular time, the weather, and the capacities of the participants. On average, over the season, we tend to work about 25 hours a week. Volunteers usually work alongside us and do the same tasks that we do, but we don’t expect volunteers to do anything that they don’t feel comfortable with.

Accommodation is in a caravan, woven hazel dome or tent. The midday meal is communal; volunteers are responsible for their own breakfast and evening meals which they can prepare in the shared kitchen, for which we provide the basic ingredients.

Volunteers are asked to bring work clothing, rain gear, and a sleeping bag with them.

Placing the last stone in the lowest course - after working on opposite sides of the house for 3 days, the A and B teams have once again met. L-R: José, Rob, Almu, Alvaro, Benoit, Iñaki, Elena, Bea.