The Playhouse

Small is beautiful

While building the main house we often felt under great pressure from such a giant building project. One remedy for this was to do a small, quick and easy building project. For a long time we had thought of building a playhouse to gain extra space, and one day we realised we had most of the necessary building materials left over from the main house. With help from friends, we built the structure in two days (one for the foundations and another for the walls and roof) at a minimal cost. Later we used the building as a test-bed for techniques to apply in the main house, in particular the interior (gypsum) and exterior (lime) plasters. The roof is made of recycled shuttering boards, using an octagonal design inspired by the roofs of the Navajo Indian hogans (you could call this style “post-industrial Navajo”.)

The tiny (10 m2) house has been used as guest accommodation, for meditation, storytelling… and for playing, of course!

At present the wall is suffering from moisture damage (because we used concrete blocks for the foundation, without an adequate vapour barrier.) At some point we plan to rebuild and enlarge it.